---> City of Helsinki

What was Finland's capital city like 100 years ago? What is it like now? And what about the future? Take a look at the Urban Facts page. Check out Vantaa and Espoo as well - or the whole Helsinki Metropolitan Region.

---> Virtual Helsinki

Take a 3D-walk in the heart of the city.

---> http://www.2000.hel.fi/

Music, theatre, art, performances... The year of culture 2000 will be seen and felt in everyday lives of the people in Helsinki.

---> "The Future is Finnish"

"Finland has a national knack for mobile communications and information technology - and a vision for combining the two", wrote Newsweek in May 1999...

----> "Just say Nokia"

... and in September 1999, Wired magazine featured the wireless Finland: "In Finland, the 21st century is in beta: It's a call-anytime, roam-anywhere, use-any-protocol kännykkä world." (kännykkä = the Finnish word most commonly used for a mobile phone.)

---> Weather in November

See what weather is like in Finland in November in general and today. Or go ahead and take a look at the current situation in Helsinki for yourself!

---> http://virtual.finland.fi/

"A lot of people think, and they may be right, that Government sites on the Internet are often dry and predictable, offering too many speeches, policy statements and press releases…" Try Virtual Finland for a new kind of an experience. On the site, you may also read today´s news.

---> Helsinki Fair Centre

Visit the venue of IST 99!


in numbers
Population 5.1 million (1.1 million in Helsinki Region)
Area 337,095 sq km
Major cities Helsinki (capital); Espoo and Vantaa are the main cities in the Helsinki Region
Currency Finnish Mark (FIM); FIM 5.1=USD 1
1 EUR = 5,94573 FIM
GDP USD 114 billion (1997), 28 % in Helsinki
GDP per capita USD 22,121 (1997)
Real GDP growth 5.59 % (1997)
Inflation 1.3 % (1997)
Target sectors Pharmaceuticals, electronics and electrical products/IT, food and drink, minerals, processing, general manufacturing, general services, telecommunications
Foreign ownership rules No restrictions
Repatriation of profits No restrictions
Corporate tax 28%

Table and map adapted from the HMDC website.

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